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Service Interruption in Millsboro and Fredericktown


Interruption of Water Service

The water Authority has scheduled system upgrades in your area, which will require a temporary interruption of water service.

The water Authority anticipates the water being off for approximately 8 HOURS.

It is suggested that you fill clean containers for drinking/cooking purposes as needed. You should also draw water in your tub and containers for sanitary purposes.

Consumers that have electric hot water heaters, please switch off the power to the water heater.

All homes are requested to shut off the main valve by the water meter, if possible, to prevent draining of water from your home until work is completed.

After work is completed, the Water Authority will flush the system. When service is restored, please run your cold water to remove air from your system and let the water run until it is clear.

If you have any questions, please call the Water Office at 724-377-2211. Monday-Friday 8am-4pm


Tri County Joint Municipal Authority


Milford Terrace and some of Seventeen Turns in Fredericktown / Millsboro.

This Project’s focus is on upgrading piping and valves.


From 11:30 P.M. THURSDAY MARCH 15 to APPROX 7:30 A.M. FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2018